We practice preventive medicine to provide today's children a healthier childhood, and fill tomorrow's society with mentally and physically healthy adults.



Welcome to Passaic Pediatrics II, where the best pediatric service is provided, paying close attention to the child's growth, their development, preventive care and health advice guides.

You can rely on Passaic Pediatrics II as an important source of pediatric care, information, and support for you and your children.

From checkups and immunizations to school physicals and disease treatments, our professional personnel are committed to serving your young ones' health care needs.

Our practices in Passaic, NJ strive to create an environment that is personal, sensitive, and nurturing so that you feel comfortable and secure in having selected us as your pediatricians. View our testimonials page for first-hand accounts of our patient commitment.

Keep your child on the right track for a healthy childhood with services from the pediatric doctors at Passaic Pediatrics II.


  • 10098 Check Ups
  • 950+ Flu Vaccinations
  • 850+ Immunisations
  • 700+ Screenings
  • 655+ Immunisations
  • 998 Assessments


  • Patients under 1575%
  • Patients over 15 and under 1820%
  • Patients over 18 and under 215%